An edgy love story centered within a political thriller, COLLUSION is set in todays gritty, post-9/11 world.  FBI Special Agent JACK STONE is a rugged loner of integrity, haunted by past, personal failures relating to 9/11.  He recruits RACHAEL, an emotionally scarred, fiery intellect, to be an informant and spy on her ex-boyfriend, who is suspected of smuggling duel-use nuclear technology to a fictionalized Middle-East country.  As they dig deeper into the case however, they reveal a massive conspiracy where they're being set-up to gather and release the false evidence which will be used as a pretext for a new war.


Based on true events, COLLUSION gives a revealing look at America's geopolitical ambitions and the lengths some are willing to go to facilitate those goals. But most important, it's the story of man and woman, two lost souls who find each other and overcome the odds during a storm of world events where the only color is grey and the only reality, an illusion.